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The God who helps you win your spiritual wars

Fascist Germany continued its military advance. On June 18, 1940, in his radio speech broadcast from London, the French general De Gaulle urged the French to continue the fight against Germany, “France has lost the battle! But she did not lose the war!” Soon thereafter they began distributing leaflets that began with this very phrase with which the general addressed all the French. These words became a catchphrase.

QUESTION: How do you understand these words: “You can lose the battle, but win the war”?

A student could fail their test paper, but if then they work on improving their knowledge, eventually they can have good results at the final exam. An athlete can lose a fight in training, but then work out and improve their shape, and win the Olympic competitions. The phrase “Lose the battle, but win the war” helps to focus on what is the most important: on the final victory, even if there are defeats in between. This phrase helps not to halt during difficulties, but to go further.

There are several stories in the Bible which describe something similar. Jewish young men Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were captured, and in their captivity they refused to worship a pagan deity. Since their childhood they believed and worshiped only the living Lord, the God of Israel. For their disobedience the young men were sentenced to death: they were to be thrown into a burning hot furnace. Their firm faith in the Redeemer God is simply amazing:

“Your majesty, if it be his will, our God whom we serve can deliver us from the blazing fire furnace, and he will deliver us from you” (Daniel 3:17)

The way they continue their statement is very interesting. Listen to them telling more about their faith:

“But if not, rest assured, your majesty, that we won’t serve your gods, and we won’t worship the golden statue that you have set up” (Daniel 3:18)

From the mouths of these young men we hear the truth: “God is worthy to be worshiped not only if He delivers us from the adversity, but even if He does not!” This is a very important thought. For these words the young men were indeed thrown into the furnace, and it seemed that the battle had already been lost. God did not deliver them from being thrown into the furnace. But God sent His angel and delivered them in the furnace… from the influence of the fire itself! The “war” of faith was won! Later, the young men came out of the furnace alive and unharmed, the fire did not scorch a single hair, and they did not even have the smell of smoke (see Daniel 3:27)!

When we look at God the Redeemer, we may sometimes think that He is losing, but He is not! God never loses.

  • God did not deliver the young men from being thrown into the furnace, but He did deliver them from the influence of fire!
  • God did not deliver Daniel from the lions’ den, but He did deliver him from the lion’s mouths.
  • God did not deliver Jesus Christ from His death on the cross, but through the Resurrection He delivered Him from being in the grave!

In everything God does, He always achieves a higher goal. God often allows people to go through trials in order to strengthen their trust in Him. In the end, God always wins spiritual wars!

PRAYER: Worship God reflecting on His ability to deliver us from any hardship. Thank Him for all those times in your life when He made you stronger through trials.


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Your majesty, if it be his will, our God whom we serve can deliver us from the blazing fire furnace, and he will deliver us from you. Daniel 3:17
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